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Sewin', Sleepin' 'n' Snackin'
La Dolce Vita
I just made a flickr account. I put pictures of two silly accessory things I did, and there will be many more to come. http://www.flickr.com/photos/palice I'm now going to organize my thoughts for the projects I need to do...
1. Robe a L'Anglaise- bind more eyelets, hem robe, add trim, get more accessories, make new shift
2. Feather Shoes
3. Finish 1970's fuchsia jumper
4. Socks from sweaters
5. Vintage kid's knit babydoll dress
6. 1940's pattern bengaline skirt
7. Draft trapeze minidress pattern (I'm awaiting The Costume Technician's Handbook from Amazon, which may help me with this) and make out of peach satin with beaded trim
8. Yellow Linen 1970's blouse
9. Linen drawers
10. Black cotton velvet Le Smoking from Folkwear pattern

Interesting that almost all of these are for modern wear... ! I definitely have more period stuff I want to make, but I am just itching to have some things to wear on a daily basis. Now that I think about it,I am a bit frustrated that I so desire to make pretty dresses & such, as I have really no use for them. I have work, volunteering, and my trip in a year. What I really need is practical, sturdy pieces that can get dirty.... But where's the fun in that? What can I make for these purposes? The linen drawers are great for sleeping and lounging, and the blouse will be fine for work and backpacking... the knit dress will probably be good for city time in Europe, too. I really need a chic, lightweight, but warm and sturdy and easy to clean jacket for work. What on earth has all those properties in one garment?!?? I am so frustrated! I am tired of feeling like I look terrible at work and while volunteering. But it's such a conundrum because you really CAN'T wear anything nice while doing those things! GAH!

Anyway, here are some thoughts on future costume ensembles:
1. I got a cute vintage little top hat that would be great with an elegant gothic lolita outfit. I have a pretty copper-colored corset, as well as some accessory items. I just need a blouse, skirt, and some roses and a veil to put on the hat.
2. I very much want a riding habit. I think the 18th century one from Janet Arnold with the paniers looks cool, but wouldn't actually be very flattering on me. I think I might go for the baroque (pirate) one from http://www.reconstructinghistory.com Most I've seen are brocade, but I'd like to do one in plum worsted wool, with lots of buillion trim. I have cute vintage beaver fur muff, but would need a hat.
3. I have GORGEOUS pale green silk taffeta, and am considering what to do with it. A Robe a la Francais would be beautiful, but I must admit I am terrified of them. I think I will make one, but a long time from now when I have much more experience.
4.I should make a jacket to go with my satin petticoat. There are so many lovely ones in Janet Arnold. For the fabric, I don't know, perhaps a nice Indienne printed cotton.
5. I also need some 18th century headwear

Ah, so many ideas, so little actually doing anything *grumble grumble*. I must finish my eyelets today. That's enough for now, I'll go through and do some more planning and prioritizing, while trying to dream up practical things I can actually use.

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I wanted to do lots of sewing today because I don't work, but I haven't gotten too much done. I've been outside checking fences and doing chores. My horse got out last night when I was at work and was walking down the road (in the dark!) !! Cars were driving by very fast narrowly missing her... But everyone turned out okay, thank god! My mom was so disturbed by the event she couldn't sleep. I am glad I wasn't there, because I probably would have fainted! This is the second time she's gotten out as of late, she's become obsessed with this Arab and pony down the road. I think we should let them pasture together...

But anyway, I'm binding eyelet holes right now because, as I said, I started this project a long time ago, and I have lost weight since making my stays. They are too big and the bodice of the robe is pulling and gaping at the CF. I cut an inch and a half off the center back of the stays and am putting in new eyelets (annoying!). If the bodice is still too small, I'm going to have to do a Marie Antoinette style "zone" front with self-fabric stomacher, like this: http://www.costumersguide.com/MA/purple2.jpg I wonder about that, is the stomacher pinned to the stays and then 'hooked and eyed' to the bodice? Has anyone ever done this type of bodice on a robe a L'Anglaise? Now that I think about it, it's probably not accurate... Well, it's "make-it-work-time", as the sexy Tim Gunn would say! Oh and I may as well say that a major reason this all happened was my underestimating of the CF seam allowance (I mean overestimating of the size of the finished bodice) when doing the bodice toile. I'm a beginner, what can I say?... Next time, I'm cutting like a 5 inch SA there, just to be safe. And hopefully, for now, all I have to do is get my strong best-guy-friend to cinch me in as tight as possible... Yes, I am a masochist, and, yes, I probably will "succumb to the vapors". It's going to be a few days before I can try though, as I'm currently being visited by the dreaded General Krottendorf (anyone who's read the Fraser Marie Antoinette bio knows what I am talking about), which is also another reason I haven't been feeling like sewing too much. Apart from the bodice debacle, I have this to do:
Hem the robe
Make and attach the trim
Get some appropriate stockings
Cut and hem fichu
Get some more jewelry
Figure out what to do with my hair!

The trim is a pinked self-ruching applied with an "old gold" and pinky-lavender braid. My sleeve ruffles and fichu are the same fabric, is that tacky??.. Anyway, I eventually need to get around to making a new shift, as my original one was quick'n'dirty (I thought I needed it immediately for senior project presentations)and is now currently quite busted. I am awaiting handkerchief linen swatches. I really want some fiiiine Belgian or Irish linen that feels like dream. Anyone have any favorite places on the web for such stuff?

I really feel pathetic about not having anything specific to wear this whole deal for. I just want to take some great photos. Of course it will be great for Halloween, as well. Perhaps my friends and I will make a movie that I can wear it in. Speaking of that, my bestie informed me that they are taking short film submissions for a film-making competition reality show. We are so there!!!
I will be back later to sort out and prioritize all my projects and ideas. I hope it will unclutter my mind.

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...I'm Alice, and I'm addicted to costume content (hi, alice!)... Yeah, I've lurked a little here on Livejournal and decided I should put up my own stuff and stop being such a creep! I live for mid-to-late 18th century costume, but also like 17th century styles and pretty much everything post-1870s. And there are some lovely Renaissance styles... I have CADD, what can I say!
My current project that is almost done is an 1770's Polonaise in olive bengaline with a heavy pinky-peach satin petticoat. I live in a small town and my best resource for fabric is the accursed Jo-Ann! I do have silk taffeta that I got from the Fashion District in L.A., but I fought the urge to use it, because this was my first big project. I know that the acetate in the bengaline fades horribly, but it was $4 a yard, so I'm not going to cry about it.
I actually started this costume more than a year ago, for my senior project for high school, but I procrastinated like crazy and was only finished with the undergarments by the time it was due. In some lucky twist of fate,I was still sent my diploma even though I didn't present (it was supposed to be required for graduation!) It's been very stop-and-go making this, but I am pleased to have it near completion (as near as a costume can actually be to being called "complete"!) I will have more details on it once its done and I have some lovely photos of me wearing it. All I have now is a picture of the fabrics:

And as for non-costuming intros, I'm 18 years old and live in the northwest corner of Washington state, right by Canada. I work part-time at a department store (on the dock, with the guys!). I live with my family and many lovely pets, including a quarter horse and adorable border collie, Moby!:

I do both normal things (see movies with my friends) and unusual things (volunteer at a raptor rehabilitation center). I am backpacking through Europe with my best friend in the Spring...I will try to make this a cohesive journal all about sewing and costuming, but I am hardly a cohesive person, so I'm probably going to throw in random personal bits 'n' pieces. I will tell much more later, but I have to get ready for work. Talk to ya'll later!

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