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Flickr - Sewin', Sleepin' 'n' Snackin'
La Dolce Vita
I just made a flickr account. I put pictures of two silly accessory things I did, and there will be many more to come. http://www.flickr.com/photos/palice I'm now going to organize my thoughts for the projects I need to do...
1. Robe a L'Anglaise- bind more eyelets, hem robe, add trim, get more accessories, make new shift
2. Feather Shoes
3. Finish 1970's fuchsia jumper
4. Socks from sweaters
5. Vintage kid's knit babydoll dress
6. 1940's pattern bengaline skirt
7. Draft trapeze minidress pattern (I'm awaiting The Costume Technician's Handbook from Amazon, which may help me with this) and make out of peach satin with beaded trim
8. Yellow Linen 1970's blouse
9. Linen drawers
10. Black cotton velvet Le Smoking from Folkwear pattern

Interesting that almost all of these are for modern wear... ! I definitely have more period stuff I want to make, but I am just itching to have some things to wear on a daily basis. Now that I think about it,I am a bit frustrated that I so desire to make pretty dresses & such, as I have really no use for them. I have work, volunteering, and my trip in a year. What I really need is practical, sturdy pieces that can get dirty.... But where's the fun in that? What can I make for these purposes? The linen drawers are great for sleeping and lounging, and the blouse will be fine for work and backpacking... the knit dress will probably be good for city time in Europe, too. I really need a chic, lightweight, but warm and sturdy and easy to clean jacket for work. What on earth has all those properties in one garment?!?? I am so frustrated! I am tired of feeling like I look terrible at work and while volunteering. But it's such a conundrum because you really CAN'T wear anything nice while doing those things! GAH!

Anyway, here are some thoughts on future costume ensembles:
1. I got a cute vintage little top hat that would be great with an elegant gothic lolita outfit. I have a pretty copper-colored corset, as well as some accessory items. I just need a blouse, skirt, and some roses and a veil to put on the hat.
2. I very much want a riding habit. I think the 18th century one from Janet Arnold with the paniers looks cool, but wouldn't actually be very flattering on me. I think I might go for the baroque (pirate) one from http://www.reconstructinghistory.com Most I've seen are brocade, but I'd like to do one in plum worsted wool, with lots of buillion trim. I have cute vintage beaver fur muff, but would need a hat.
3. I have GORGEOUS pale green silk taffeta, and am considering what to do with it. A Robe a la Francais would be beautiful, but I must admit I am terrified of them. I think I will make one, but a long time from now when I have much more experience.
4.I should make a jacket to go with my satin petticoat. There are so many lovely ones in Janet Arnold. For the fabric, I don't know, perhaps a nice Indienne printed cotton.
5. I also need some 18th century headwear

Ah, so many ideas, so little actually doing anything *grumble grumble*. I must finish my eyelets today. That's enough for now, I'll go through and do some more planning and prioritizing, while trying to dream up practical things I can actually use.

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