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Allow me to Introduce Myself... - Sewin', Sleepin' 'n' Snackin'
La Dolce Vita
Allow me to Introduce Myself...
...I'm Alice, and I'm addicted to costume content (hi, alice!)... Yeah, I've lurked a little here on Livejournal and decided I should put up my own stuff and stop being such a creep! I live for mid-to-late 18th century costume, but also like 17th century styles and pretty much everything post-1870s. And there are some lovely Renaissance styles... I have CADD, what can I say!
My current project that is almost done is an 1770's Polonaise in olive bengaline with a heavy pinky-peach satin petticoat. I live in a small town and my best resource for fabric is the accursed Jo-Ann! I do have silk taffeta that I got from the Fashion District in L.A., but I fought the urge to use it, because this was my first big project. I know that the acetate in the bengaline fades horribly, but it was $4 a yard, so I'm not going to cry about it.
I actually started this costume more than a year ago, for my senior project for high school, but I procrastinated like crazy and was only finished with the undergarments by the time it was due. In some lucky twist of fate,I was still sent my diploma even though I didn't present (it was supposed to be required for graduation!) It's been very stop-and-go making this, but I am pleased to have it near completion (as near as a costume can actually be to being called "complete"!) I will have more details on it once its done and I have some lovely photos of me wearing it. All I have now is a picture of the fabrics:

And as for non-costuming intros, I'm 18 years old and live in the northwest corner of Washington state, right by Canada. I work part-time at a department store (on the dock, with the guys!). I live with my family and many lovely pets, including a quarter horse and adorable border collie, Moby!:

I do both normal things (see movies with my friends) and unusual things (volunteer at a raptor rehabilitation center). I am backpacking through Europe with my best friend in the Spring...I will try to make this a cohesive journal all about sewing and costuming, but I am hardly a cohesive person, so I'm probably going to throw in random personal bits 'n' pieces. I will tell much more later, but I have to get ready for work. Talk to ya'll later!

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